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Passes - Tour de passo

A unique service designed for cyclists who want to explore the best passes of Europe. This tour combines adventure with comfort and professional guidance. Here are the main features of this service:


Professional trainer and escort: Each tour includes an expert coach and support team to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride for all participants.


High quality accommodation: The accommodation is hotel-type, providing participants with comfort and relaxation after a hard day on the bike.


Complete catering:  we provide all meals during the tour, with an emphasis on nutritious and tasty food to support cyclists' performance.


Exclusive routes, passes: The tour focuses on visiting and passing some of the most beautiful and significant passes in Europe, offering breathtaking views and a unique cycling experience.


Option to use E-bike: For those who prefer a less demanding ride or want to enjoy the convenience of an electric bike, an E-bike option is available.


The Tour de Passo is ideal for cyclists of all levels looking for a combination of adventure, comfort and professional guidance to explore some of the most beautiful routes in Europe.

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