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Sport is my life

Martin Zeithammer is a personality who fell into sports in the early years of his life. His sports journey began on the ice, where he played ice hockey until the fourth grade in his native Mělník. With the transition to the fifth grade, he changed his current place of work for the stitched jersey, HC Slavia Praha, which was only the beginning of his junior development, which continued with activities in Mladá Boleslav and Brno, where he played in the junior extra league and also in the 2nd men's league in Venátky nad Jizerou.


Martin's sports career took another turn in 2010, when he sat down on a road bike for the first time, and four years later he added mountain bikes (MTB) to his repertoire. This change brought him considerable success in the form of a victory in the under-29 category at the Kolo pro život race in 2017 and a subsequent triumph in the 30-39 category a year later.


2019 was a year full of international success for Martin Zeithammer as he took part in the Epic Israel race and won the masters category at the Engadin Bike Giro. In the same year, he took 20th place at Epic Israel.


Another important milestone came in 2021, when he participated in the prestigious CAPE EPIC in South Africa. In 2023, he reached a great 6th place overall in the Wheel for Life ranking and 3rd place in the 30-39 years category.


His racing career is connected with the Česká spořitelna Accolade and D2 Mont Merida teams, which he represented with endless passion and dedication to the sport that became an integral part of his life. He transferred his energy and enthusiasm to the roles of coach and mentor.


  • Class C ice hockey association coaching license

  • Class C cycling coaching license

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